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Storefront Door Hardware

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Storefront Door Hardware

Shop Door Closers USA for all your commercial storefront door hardware needs. We carry replacement door hardware for all major storefront door brands. As a storefront door and hardware manufacturer we only offer commercial grade hardware proven to last and work. Our products are designed for specific use on storefront aluminum doors. Shop today and receive FAST, FREE shipping!

Commercial Grade Storefront Door Hardware

A storefront door is an aluminum framed commercial door with glass. Unlike commercial wood or hollow metal doors, storefront doors use specific door hardware. Door Closers USA offers replacement storefront door hardware for all major storefront door brands like Vistawall, Arcadia, Tubelite, US Aluminum, YKK, and more.

Types of Storefront Door Hardware

Offset Pivots

The most popular hinge system for a commercial storefront door is the offset pivot. An offset pivot consists of two pieces. One piece has a spring loaded pin, while the other piece has a sealed ball bearing. The pin mates inside of the ball bearing portion, allowing the storefront aluminum door to swing open or closed freely. A typical storefront door will have a bottom offset pivot set located near the threshold of the door, and a top pivot set located at the top of the door frame.

Door Hinges

Some commercial storefront doors use ball bearing hinges instead of offset pivot sets. Storefront doors use 4" x 4.5" ball bearing hinges. We carry heavy duty commercial grade ball bearing hinges designed specifically for storefront aluminum doors. Ball bearing storefront door hinges are much more heavy duty than offset pivots.

Offset Pull Handles and Push Bars

When it comes to entering a retail store, the door handle is arguably the most important feature. With a defective door pull or push bar, customers are unable to enter or exit the building. We carry heavy duty offset pull and push bar handles designed for storefront aluminum doors. All storefront entrance doors are exterior swinging doors by building code. A typical storefront door installation uses an offset pull handle on the outside of the door and a push bar on the inside of the door.

Storefront Door Closers

Most commercial storefront doors use surface mount door closers. These door closers are either mounted to the top of the door frame or directly on the door with a drop plate. Door Closers USA carries replacement surface door closers for all storefront door brands like Kawneer, Rebco, and more. Some storefront door closers use overhead concealed door closers, or transom closers. These door closers are mounted inside of the door frame. Door Closers USA also carries all of the replacement concealed door closers for all major storefront doors.

Storefront Door Locks

Storefront doors are the #1 entrance door type for commercial retail buildings. For this reason, it is imperative that they are secure. Door Closers USA carries deadlocks and deadlatches for all storefront door brands. Our heavy duty, laminated door locks provide security to storefront doors. Most storefront doors use deadlocks with a keyed mortise cylinder on the outside of the door and a mortise thumbturn on the inside of the door. Whatever your storefront door lock set up is, we have the components to repair or replace it.

Storefront Door Magnetic Locks

Some storefront doors have increased security like mag locks. A magnetic lock uses a commercial grade electromagnet attached to the storefront door which bonds to a plate mounted to the top of the door frame. Magnetic locks are often used on storefront doors that are keyless (no mortise deadlock) and use an exterior keypad or card reader to enter the building. Door Closers USA offers complete turn key storefront magnetic lock packages. If you need to add a magnetic door lock to your storefront door we can help!

Storefront Door Electric Strikes

An electric strike is another electrified type of storefront door lock. The electric strike is an electronic solenoid latch that is mortised into the door frame. When triggered, the strike automatically pulls in, allowing the door to swing open freely. Electric strike locks are often used in keyless entry applications where a keypad or card reader is used to enter the building. Door Closers USA carries turn key electric strike lock packages that can be wired to any storefront door.

ADA Door Openers

Storefront aluminum doors are exterior doors. Likewise, they must be ADA compliant. Although ADA only specifies interior doors must only require 5lb of opening force, it is common practice that an exterior ADA door does not exceed 8.5lb of opening force. Of course, this depends on the state you live in and should always be confirmed with your local jurisdiction. Sometimes factors like wind, air pressure, or weatherstripping resistance can affect the opening force. For these applications, an ADA door opener is the solution. Door Closers USA carries the Defender automatic door opener, the perfect solution for commercial storefront aluminum door applications. There are many ADA door openers often marketed as commercial grade, but when the specifications are actually analyzed, they lack proper commercial certification like UL and fire code compliance, or they use residential grade components like a undersized motor and gear system. The Door Closers USA's Defender ADA door opener is not one of those units. Purchase a high quality and trusted ADA door opener from us!

Exit Devices

Some storefront doors are used as exit doors and require an exit device. Door Closers USA carries the best selection of rim exit devices, surface vertical rod exit devices, and concealed vertical rod exit devices designed for use on storefront aluminum doors. Unlike wood or hollow metal doors, storefront doors utilize a specific type of exit device with a more narrow push pad to accomodate for the narrow and medium door stile design. We carry turn key exit device packages that can easily be added to any storefront door or used to replace an existing exit device.


From pile weatherstripping, door astragals, and bottom door sweep we carry replacement weatherstripping for all major storefront door brands like US Aluminum, Pittco, Efco, and more. Many storefront doors are very old, some exceeding 50 years in age. Finding replacement weatherstripping can be nearly impossible. We carry retrofit door astragal kits designed to mount to the leading stile of the storefront door and provide a brush seal against the door frame. We also carry replacement door sweeps for storefront door brands to keep debris, dirt, and air drafts out of your building.

Storefront Door Stops

Storefront doors that use concealed door closers can swing in both directions (outward and inward). We carry specific frame mounted door stops to prevent storefront door pairs from swinging inward. We also carry storefront door stops like kick down door mounted floor stops and floor mounted door stops for all major storefront door brands. Remember, a storefront door is an investment. Door stops prevent the door from opening too far and hitting a wall or object which can cause major costly damage.

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