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48 in x 96 in Steel Door, Masonry Frame, Exit Device

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48 in x 96 in Exterior Hollow Metal Door and Masonry Frame, Includes Hinges, Rim Exit Device and Outside Lever Trim, Made In USA

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Product Code: PATR4080-MKDENT
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Patriot Commercial Hollow Metal Door and Frame, 4'-0" x 8'-0" (48" x 96") 18 Gauge Polystyrene Core Door with 16 Gauge Masonry Knock Down Frame, Rim Exit Device and Outside Lever Trim, Made in USA

16 Gauge Masonry Knock Down Frame, Rim Exit Device and Outside Lever Trim, Made in USAPatriot commercial hollow metal steel doors are the highest quality in the industry. Manufactured from heavy duty 18 gauge steel, these doors are designed for installation in any commercial building. The masonry door frame is shipped in knock down form and assembles very easily. The masonry door frame is most commonly used for exterior door applications, but can also be used for interior door frame applications. Masonry door frames can be installed to wrap around the wall or butt against it. The Patriot masonry frame is manufactured from heavy duty 16 gauge steel and provides a durable structure for the hollow metal door.

Commercial Grade - 18 Gauge Steel Door & 16 Gauge Steel Frame

Patriot hollow metal doors are manufactured per order and designed specifically for use on commercial buildings. When we say commercial grade, we mean it. Patriot doors are manufactured from thick 18 gauge heavy duty steel and the door frames are constructed from 16 gauge steel. This is the industry standard for any hollow metal door and frame used in any commercial building and it offers the best security. Unfortunately, there are many residential grade hollow metal doors on the market today being advertised as commercial grade. Many of these residential grade steel doors purposely do not specify the gauge of steel the door is constructed from. The harsh reality is that if the door's steel gauge is not advertised or listed, then it is most likely constructed from thin 24 or 26 gauge steel with no insulated core and designed for residential light duty homes. When residential steel doors are installed in a commercial building this results in the metal doors denting and deforming within days of installation. Not to mention, the thin gauge residential grade steel provides much less security than a commercial grade 18 gauge steel door. You will not have this issue with the Patriot hollow metal door system. Patriot hollow metal doors feature heavy duty 18 gauge steel with an insulated polystyrene core, door closer reinforcement, lock reinforcement, and hinge reinforcement. Our frames are designed using 16 gauge steel so they will not bend or dent easily.

Best Value For Security

Patriot hollow metal doors are ideal for security doors. Unlike wood or aluminum glass doors, steel doors can provide much more security and durability. Wood doors often crack and storefront glass doors are vulnerable to broken glass. If your commercial building is in an area that is subject to abuse or break ins, the Patriot commercial steel door is your best option with the best value. The heavy duty steel door construction and frame is much more durable than aluminum or wood. Patriot steel doors also have a much higher impact resistance than commercial wood or storefront doors.

Energy Efficient

Patriot hollow metal steel doors come standard with an insulated polystyrene core. This core type helps retain your commercial building's energy.

Actual Hollow Metal Door Size

  • 47-3/4" x 95-1/8"

Recommended Rough Opening (Frame Wraps Around Wall):

  • Rough Opening Width: 50"
  • Rough Opening Height: 97"

Recommended Rough Opening (Frame Butts Against Wall):

  • Rough Opening Width: 52-1/2"
  • Rough Opening Height: 98-1/4"

Patriot Steel Door Specifications

  • Insulated with polystyrene core
  • Galvannealed (standard)
  • 7 gauge hinge reinforcements
  • Reinforced 161 lock prep
  • Closer reinforcement (standard)
  • Meets ANSI standards
  • Universal 4-1/2" hinge prep
  • Made in USA
  • Inverted top and bottom channel
  • Installed steel cap standard

Patriot Steel Frame Specifications

  • Masonry frames are available with a variety of anchor types including: punch and dimple, wood stud anchors, metal stud anchors, or masonry anchors. These anchors provide a tight rigid fit in the opening.
  • 16 Gauge for 1-3/4" doors
  • Precision fitted corners
  • Galvannealed Standard
  • 7 Gauge hinge reinforcements
  • Heavy duty strike reinforcements
  • Meets ANSI standards
  • Universal 4-1/2" hinge prep

Patriot Hollow Metal Door Package Includes

  • 1 Each 18 Gauge Steel Hollow Metal Door, 4'-0" x 8'-0"
  • 1 Each 16 Gauge Steel 3 Piece Knock Down Frame For 4'-0" x 8'-0" Door
  • 3 Each (6'8", 7' Doors) or 4 Each (8' Doors) 4-1/2" x 4-1/2" Square Corner Plain Bearing Hinge, US26D Satin Chrome Finish
  • 1 Each Outside Trim Clutch Cylindrical Lever (Specify lock function)
  • 1 Each Fire Rated Grade 1 Rim Exit Device

Patriot Lever Functions

  • Entrance: Key locks and unlocks lever. Operates as CLASSROOM FUNCTION.
  • Storeroom: Key operates lever, otherwise always locked.
  • Passage: Trim always operable and free.

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