Commercial Fire-Rated Doors

Each year, more than 18,000 fires occur within offices across America. Out of these numbers, business establishment owners reported losing out on valuable documents, data, and more with the risk of losing one's life in an unstoppable inferno.

Therefore, when it comes to protecting your commercial office from the dangers of a spontaneous fire, extinguishers and carbon dioxide detectors might not be enough to cut it. This is where fire-rated doors come in handy. These doors are specifically designed to withstand high temperatures, protecting your products, clients, and employees.

Unlike standard wooden doors that catch ablaze, a fire-rated door does its job to keep inhabitants safe from fire dangers. They work well to ensure that fires are well contained in one particular room and help to slow their spread, giving everyone involved more time to act. Our high-quality fire-rated doors provide optimal fire resistance straight from the door frames to its handles, bolts, and hinges, ensuring thorough security against fire hazards.

If you're looking to fortify and protect your commercial property from fire adversities, we discuss everything you need to know regarding our fire-rated doors and how they can help keep your team and business safe.

What Makes a Door Fire Rated?

Fire-rated doors are constructed of fire-resistant materials such as gypsum, glass, vermiculite boards, steel, and timber. These unique materials help withstand high temperatures during a fire hazard. The primary objective of fire-rated doors is to delay the spread of fires and block smoke and heat from permeating through an enclosed space or reaching other volatile areas. In most cases, carbon dioxide poisoning is the main cause of death during a fire breakout. These toxic fumes are kept at bay with a fire-rated door, especially if you're trapped in a stuffy room.

Even though fire-rated doors are made of fire-resilient materials, they're not entirely indestructible. However, due to their non-combustible nature, these doors can help keep flames away for some time.

A fire-rated door's ability to contain a fire is known as a fire rating and is measured in minutes. All our products are tested according to fire safety guidelines and are given door ratings. These ratings vary, depending on the material and the door's ability to maintain its structural integrity within a fire. The better the rating, the more it can slow a fire’s spread. Most doors are classified from Class A to C ratings with the former offering three-hour fire resistance ratings, and the other classes offering 20-, 45-, and 90-minute ratings.

It's essential to install doors with optimal fire resistance ratings as they can help buy time for the relevant authorities to safely evacuate trapped people and contain the fire before spreading within the office building. Even though fire-rated doors can provide optimal protection, it is always best to combine them with other fire contingency measures such as smoke detectors, fire alarms, and extinguishers or fire retardants to help minimize fire risk.

Convenient Areas for Fire-Rated Door Placement

Your fire-rated door placement can play an integral role in containing commercial office fires. To maximize fire protection, strategically place doors within areas that comply with provincial building code requirements, such as the following:

• Common entrances and exits, especially within corridors

• Doorways leading to different parts of the office

• Stairwells and exits close to elevator shafts

• Rooms containing hazardous material, such as propane or chemicals, like in factories or chemical labs

Regardless of the commercial business type, our products are incredibly durable and corrosion-resistant to even last against non-fire-related extremities.

How Do Fire-Rated Doors Help in a Fire Emergency?

Due to their fire-retardant properties, a high-grade fire-rated door can provide crucial assistance in an emergency by stopping the spread of fires and containing it in one room. This can help minimize office property damage and provide occupants a safe space to reside until authorities respond to the emergency.

Fire-rated doors help inhibit the diffusion of toxic gases and smoke, providing occupants with sufficient air to breathe without exposing them to the dangers of carbon dioxide pollution. Aside from preventing fumes from getting in, the door frames also hinder oxygen flow into the affected area to avoid fueling the fire.

Furthermore, the doors are equipped to withstand pressure, and high temperatures as doorknobs and steel exterior frames remain relaxed, increasing the chances of successful evacuation during a fire crisis. They also help prevent workers from succumbing to heatstroke when exposed to high degrees during an emergency.

How Do You Know If You Need Fire-Rated Doors at Your Business?

Your Company Deals With Many Daily Customers

Fire-rated doors can provide some peace of mind to any employer and commercial establishment. If your business deals with many customers, this can put them at risk in case of a fire emergency. Common examples include telecommunication companies, corporate businesses, and store outlets. Installing fire-rated doors can help minimize this risk and keep customers and employees safe and shelter them from fires. If the fire starts in a densely populated room, rest assured that the door can help slow the fire from spreading to other parts of the office until evacuations are completed.

Your Business Is Prone to a Fire Risk

Fire-rated doors work well in various commercial settings, especially those dealing with exposed flames indoors, such as restaurants and factories. More so, you can opt to purchase a fire-rated door if your establishment contains hazardous and flammable materials as the door can prevent naked flames from reaching the delicate compounds. Regardless, these doors can provide a myriad of benefits to any office or industrial plant, provided that they're placed in strategic points to help curb the spread of fire.

Your Establishment Is Either a Healthcare or Educational Facility

Healthcare and educational facilities such as hospitals, schools, daycares, and eldercare centers all deal with high populations of children, senior citizens, and sick or disabled people. Such individuals may not have the strength or ability to escape a fire unscathed.

Some of the above facilities also offer overnight or daily accommodation, so occupants may be caught unawares if the fire happened in the facility at night. Fire-rated doors are dependable and can help safeguard occupants from fire, even when caught by surprise. This can help minimize the potential for casualties and buy time for the evacuation process to complete.

Commercial Fire-Rated Door Supplier

At Door Closers USA, we provide high-grade commercial fire-rated steel doors to match all our clients’ business needs. Our doors meet all safety standards, featuring thorough fire protective glazing to prevent the spread of fire through our glass, metal, and wood exterior doors. Call or contact us today and receive quality fire-rated doors for any commercial setting.