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Commercial Door Electric Strike Lock Search Tool

Welcome to the Door Closers USA electric strike search tool. This tool is designed to help you find the right electric strike lock for your door application. All doors have some type of lock installed on them, whether it be a cylindrical lock, mortise lock, or rim exit device. Depending on the lock type installed on the door will determine the type of electric door strike needed.

An electric door strike is an electromechanical solenoid lock device. When power is applied to the electric door strike, the latch electrically releases allowing the door to freely swing past the latch. Electric door strikes make excellent locks for security door applications.

If you are still confused as to which electric strike model you need, please feel free to contact sales@doorclosersusa.com and one of sales representatives would be happy to assist you.

Electric strikes can be installed in a wide range of swinging door applications.

Consider these factors to help determine the right electric strike for your project.
1. Assess the type of frame and health of the opening
  • a. Material: hollow metal, aluminum or wood? *DC USA Approved offers electric strikes for aluminum, hollow metal or wood doors. Please see the DC USA Approved catalog to order the compatible model for your door application.
  • b. Type: hollow or concrete-filled? Concrete-filled may require additional tools. Consider using no-cut electric strikes.
  • c. Health of door and frame: can frame or door irregularities be fixed prior to electric strike installation?
2. Determine if door assembly has special requirements
  • Fire-rated Assembly (NFPA 80 Fire Doors)
  • Windstorm Resistant (tested to sustain winds up to 150 mph)
  • Outdoor Rated (UL 1034)
  • Preload Capable
3. Identify and test existing door hardware
  • Existing locking hardware determines the compatible electric strike and overall function of the opening

Select the type of lock on your door.

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