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Why Use Wood Interior Doors?

Not sure why you should use wood interior doors for your business or office interior? Below are some reasons why you should choose wood interior doors over other options:


Wood is a good insulator and a poor heat conductor. This aspect regulates your commercial business’s temperature regardless of the temperatures outside.

Aesthetic property

Solid wood doors feel and look better, adding to your business's interior décor. Wooden doors are easy to finish and are easily customizable to your taste.


Wood doors are sturdy and can last a lifetime if they're not burned. They maintain their beauty over a long time.

Sound Resistance

Wooden doors cut down on traveling sound, giving you privacy and peace of mind while doing your work.

Commercial Wood Doors Offered by Closer USA

With a pre-hung door, you get a door mounted on the frame with the hinges, and the door is ready to be installed. A slab door is the primary door panel and excludes the frame and the hinges. You pay less for the slab door due to the missing components.

Within the two broad options offered, you have many variants of designs to choose frome. You may even ask for a customized door to suit your business décor. You also have a choice of a variety of stains and types of woods to choose from.

Browse our selection of wood interior doors below to find the options right for you, and contact us today if you have any questions.

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