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Hospital Patient Door Behavioral Health Rescue Hardware

There are almost 6,000 hospitals in the US. Of those, approximately 30% house an in-patient psychiatric or behavioral health unit. And almost 8% of US hospitals are dedicated to behavioral health. Add to that the vast number of specialized clinics and out-patient treatment offices. Needs may vary widely in the area of behavioral health: from children’s units to adult therapeutic environments. Many requirements are common to all types of facilities, including code compliance. Behavioral health is concerned with the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of those who may exhibit aggressive or self-destructive behaviors. One of the main goals of behavioral health is to keep patients safe during recovery or rehabilitation. Security and safety are critical challenges as facilities accommodate others who work in or visit these environments - whether family, clinical and professional staff or environmental services personnel.

Door Closers USA offers a wide selection of hospital rescue hardware designed specifically for behavioral heath facilities, patient rooms, nursing home rooms, and patient bathroom doors. These latches and hardware allow the patient doors to be opened from both directions, allowing the proper personnel to access the room at all times without damaging the frame.