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How To Install Kick Plates

Account For All Material:
Once you received your order of kick plates, it's time for installation. You should have received the proper kick plate size. If you are unsure please read our "How To Order Kick Plate" page or our Kickplate Search Tool. Check the kick plate carefully. It should be outfitted with a protective sticker/film. Before removing the protective layer, hold up the kickplate to your door, to confirm it will fit. Locate the hardware pack that came with the kick plate.

Prep For Installation:
For installation we always recommend removing the door and setting it on the floor or saw horses. The reason for this is that it makes installation much easier. However, if you are a skilled craftsman, you can mount the kick plate on a hung door. Line the kick plate up with the door. We recommend using a tape measure and pencil to carefully mark the placement of the kickplate. Remember to meet ADA guidelines, the kick plate should be installed on the push side of the door and be atleast 10" tall. For kickplate ADA compliance you can learn more here.

Installing the Kick Plate:
Once the kick plate is in the proper position, use the fasteners that came with the kick plate to attach it to the door. Once installed rehang the door if the door was removed for installation. Open and close the door, to make sure the kick plate is in the proper position and does not hit the door frame. The last step of installation is to remove the protective layer from the kick plate.