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Aluminum Storefront Doors With Offset Pivots

Aluminum Storefront Doors With Offset Pivots | Sales: sales@doorclosersusa.com

Commercial Aluminum Storefront Door and Frame With Offset Pivots

Comanche storefront doors with offset pivot hinges are the #1 type of storefront door used in commercial buildings today. This storefront door uses a heavy duty bearing in the door pivot to ensure durability. We offer Comanche offset pivot storefront doors in a variety of sizes, configurations, and finishes. We also have the capability of manufacturing custom size Comanche storefront doors to meet any rough opening requirement. Shop today and receive FREE shipping!

Heavy Duty Storefront Door For Offices, Retail Buildings, & Grocery Stores

Our Comanche storefront door with offset pivots is the most affordable aluminum storefront door on the market today. Manufactured in the USA, our product is perfect for any retail building and provides reliability, elegance, security, and safety.

Comanche Storefront Door With Offset Pivot Features

  • Heavy duty tie rod construction
  • High quality anodizing (clear or dark bronze), white painted finish available
  • Available in a wide range of doors sizes
  • ADA compliant models available
  • Top and Bottom Offset Bearing Pivot
  • Durable Offset Pull and Push Bar
  • Manufactured In USA

Comanche Storefront Door With Offset Pivot Lock Prep

The Comanche storefront door with offset pivot is trusted by thousands of businesses because of it's security. Each Comanche storefront door lock is prepped and includes a heavy duty laminated security deadlock. On the exterior of the door is a heavy duty mortise key cylinder and on the interior side of the door is a thumbturn mortise cylinder. Comanche storefront doors also feature tie rod construction, making it harder for burglars to break in compared to welded corner storefront doors. Commercial grade exit devices are also available for storefront exit doors.

Comanche Storefront Door With Offset Pivot Pull Handle & Push Bar

Each Comanche storefront door comes standard with a heavy duty offset pull handle for the outside of the door, and a heavy duty push bar for the inside of the door. Our pull handles are constructed from aluminum making them strong and durable, but also feel "lighter" for pedestrians to pull or push the door. Having a heavy duty pull handle or push bar is very important, because it is often the most used part of the storefront door. The Comanche storefront door pull handle uses a thrubolt to connect to the push bar, increasing the overall strength of the handle assembly.

Comanche Storefront Door With Offset Pivot Sizes

We offer Comanche storefront doors in all major sizes including 3'-0", 3'-6", and 4'-0" door widths. The Comanche doors available in heights of 6'-8", 7'-0", or 8'-0". What separates Comanche from other storefront door brands is our ability to do custom door sizes. If you need a 3'-8" x 7'-6" door we can do it. Contact sales@doorclosersusa.com for any custom storefront door inquiry.

Comanche Storefront Door With Offset Pivot Applications

Comanche storefront doors with offset pivots can be installed in the largest variety of commercial buildings. They can even be retrofitted into residential buildings for remodel purposes. In fact, we work with many contractors that turn a residential garage into a commercial storefront. Below are examples of applications where the Comanche offset pivot storefront door is ideal:
  • Gas Stations
  • Banks
  • Remodels
  • Residential Garage To Storefront Conversions
  • Retail Stores
  • Grocery Stores

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