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Aluminum Storefront Double Doors With Sidelites and Transom

Aluminum Storefront Double Doors With Sidelites and Transom | Sales: sales@doorclosersusa.com

Commercial Aluminum Storefront Double Door Pair and Frame With Sidelites and Transom

Shop our large selection of Comanche storefront double doors with sidelite windows and transom windows. The Comanche storefront door pair offers a wider net door opening than a single door, while the additional sidelite windows and transom window increases the natural light into the building and makes the entry look more professional and attractive. We offer door packages with sidelites and transom in any size to meet your specifications. If a custom size is needed for a specific rough opening, please contact customer service (sales@doorclosersusa.com).



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Heavy Duty Storefront Door Pairs For Offices, Retail Buildings, & Grocery Stores

Comanche storefront door pair combinations with sidelites (window on side of door) and/or transom (window at top of door) is very popular among commercial retail buildings, and for good reason. Storefront double doors offer building owners the maximum net door opening width compared to single storefront doors. This makes it ideal for heavy pedestrian traffic moving in and out of the store. As well as, restocking the store with dollies, pallet jacks, and other moving equipment. The sidelite window and transom window help increase the light and visibility into the retail store. This is ideal for stores that often display products behind the window for marketing purposes. or use advertising posters taped to the windows.

Comanche Sidelite and Transom Storefront Door Pair Features

  • Heavy duty tie rod construction
  • High quality anodizing (clear or dark bronze), white painted finish available
  • Available in a wide range of doors sizes
  • ADA compliant models available
  • Top and Bottom Offset Bearing Pivot
  • Durable Offset Pull and Push Bar
  • Manufactured In USA
  • Increases visibility into the building
  • Provides natural light into the room
  • Can make the building look larger since the entrance seems "bigger"
  • Great for retail stores that use marketing displays

Comanche Sidelite and Transom Storefront Door Pair Lock Prep

Comanche storefront double doors include three locks: a top and bottom flush bolt on the inactive door panel and a heavy duty laminated deadlock on the active door panel. Additional security can be added to the door such as mag locks or a handicap door opener.

Comanche Sidelite and Transom Storefront Door Pair Pull Handle & Push Bar

A heavy duty exterior offset pull handle and an interior push bar comes standard with Comanche storefront doors.

Comanche Sidelite and Transom Storefront Door Pair Sizes

The Comanche storefront double doors are available in 6'-0", 7'-0", or 8'-0" door pairs. We offer 6'-8", 7'-0", or 8'-0" door heights. Sidelites can be added to Comanche storefront doors in 1', 2', or 3' widths. Transoms can also be added in 1', 2', or 3' heights. We can custom manufacture Comanche storefront doors, sidelites, or transom to any size.

Comanche Sidelite and Transom Storefront Door Pair Applications

Comanche storefront door pairs with sidelites and transom is one of the best investments you can make to your commercial building. Adding a storefront entrance to your commercial building makes it look more professional and attractive to customers. Below are some common commercial buildings that benefit from Comanche storefront doors with sidelites and transom:
  • Gas Stations
  • Banks
  • Remodels
  • Residential Garage To Storefront Conversions
  • Retail Stores
  • Grocery Stores

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