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Commercial Metal Building Doors

Advantages of Metal Building Doors for Pre-engineered Steel Buildings


Steel doors fitted on the pre-engineered steel buildings seamlessly fit in the structure. The standard of the building is not compromised.

Safety from Fires

By fitting steel doors on the pre-engineered building, you increase the fire safety standards of the whole structure. Most steel doors are made with fire resistance in mind. It is noteworthy that most steel doors offer a 20-minute rating. The integrity of your building is assured in case of a fire.


It is most probable that you settled on a pre-engineered steel structure because of burglary concerns. The steel doors, just as the rest of the structure will decrease the chances of a break-in, affording you peace of mind.

Locking Options

When a steel door is fitted onto a pre-engineered steel building, you have many different locking systems and hardware options to choose from. These include a multi-locking system, magnetic locks and many others.

Metal Building Doors Offered by Door Closers USA

Door Closers USA offers Apache and Rebel heavy-duty steel doors. These doors come in bronze or white finish and a range of sizes. Apache commercial steel doors come with hinges, locks, latch guards, thresholds, bottom sweeps and weatherstrips. The Rebel pre-hung heavy-duty 36x84 shipping container steel man door comes with hinges and lever locks. The Rebel heavy-duty steel door has a variant of 72 inches by 84 inches, which is the pair version of the 36x84 door.

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