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Storefront Door Bottom Sweeps

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Commercial Grade Bottom Door Sweeps For Aluminum Storefront Entrance Doors

A commercial storefront door sweep is one of the most important types of weatherstripping on a front entrance door. Available in brush or vinyl sweep types, commercial storefront door sweeps are designed to mount to the bottom rail of storefront doors. The projection of the brush or vinyl creates a seal between the bottom of the door and the surface of the floor or threshold. The benefits of bottom door sweeps include reducing the building's energy loss, preventing rodents and other pests from entering the building, and securing the door. Shop door sweeps today and receive FAST, FREE shipping!



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Heavy Duty Door Sweeps For Commercial Storefront Glass Doors

Storefront glass doors are a type of front entrance door for major commercial buildings like retail stores, grocery stores, banks, office buildings, private businesses, and much more. Having a commercial grade door sweep is very important. After all, these doors can be used thousands of times a day, depending on how busy or popular certain grocery stores or retail stores are. Installing commercial door sweeps from Door Closers USA ensures that the door sweep will last for years in the busiest entrances.

When To Consider A Door Sweep

Air Gap Between Bottom Of Door and Floor

The fact of the matter is many storefront doors do not have a bottom door sweep. If a front entrance storefront door has an air gap between the floor and the door, you need a door sweep.

Door Does Not Have A Threshold

Many storefront doors do not have a door threshold. If the door does not have a door threshold, you need a door sweep. Thresholds help fill the gap beneath the door and the floor. We always recommend having a threshold for any front entrance door, however if you do not, you should atleast have a door sweep as a minimum requirement.

Rain or Moisture Seeping Through Bottom Of Door

If your storefront door sees a lot of water or moisture seep in during rain storms or snow storms, a vinyl bottom door sweep is needed. Vinyl door sweeps can help prevent water from entering through the doorway.

Dirt, Debris, & Dust

If wind brings in dirt, debris, leaves, or dust through the bottom of the doorway, you need a bottom door sweep. Commercial door sweeps act as a physical barrier preventing debris from passing through the doorway.

Bugs & Critters

During the Spring and Summer months when the weather begins heating up, insects and small bugs are out in full swing. Having a door sweep creates a barrier keeping bugs and insects from entering the building.

Door Sweep Types

Nylon Bristle Door Sweeps

The most popular door sweep type is the brush door sweep. This door sweep features nylon bristles in the aluminum door holder. Nylon bristle door sweeps are ideal for all commercial entrances because they are very flexible. When the storefront door opens or closes the bristles bend and flex allowing very little friction or resistance to the door. Since nylon bristles are flexible they also create a very good seal against the surface of the ground even if the ground is contoured, bumpy, or uneven. The heavy duty bristle design prevents obstructions, debris, and pests from passing through the door way.

Vinyl Door Sweeps

A vinyl bottom door sweep is a type of door sweep that features a heavy duty vinyl material in the aluminum door holder. Vinyl door sweeps are ideal for storefront entrance doors that are located in climates with heavy rain fall. Vinyl door sweeps come in variety of models varying in the vinyl design and height.

Door Sweep Certifications

Many door sweeps on the market today are residential grade and hold no UL certification. These products should not be used on commercial doors. All of our door sweeps are commercial grade and UL Listed. This means our door sweeps can be installed in commercial buildings and will last. Having UL certification is a stamp of safety. The stringent testing of the Underwriters Laboratory is very comprehensive and thorough. That is why all commercial buildings require UL certified products. Installing inferior door sweeps not certified by UL is a huge safety concern and is an indicator that the product will not last.

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