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Storefront Door Butt Hinges

Storefront Door Butt Hinges | Sales: [email protected]

Door Closers USA is the nation's #1 supplier for commercial storefront door hinges and hardware. We carry the largest selection of replacement storefront door hinges for all major storefront door brands like Kawneer, Tubelite, US Aluminum, and Vistawall. Our products are heavy duty and designed specifically for use on commercial aluminum storefront doors. Shop today and receive FAST, FREE shipping!



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What Is A Storefront Door Butt Hinge

A storefront door butt hinge is a ball bearing hinge designed for use on a commercial aluminum glass door. Door butt hinges in general all look the same, but when it comes down to it, door hinges can vary greatly. The main function of any door hinge is to pivot the door open and closed. A storefront door is a very special type of commercial door because it is mainly used as the front entrance door to a retail store or commercial building. This means that storefront doors are always outswing doors, which swing away from the building. Due to this, storefront door hinges need to have non-removable hinge pins, so that the doors cannot be removed from the hinges from the outside of the building. Another unique feature with storefront doors is that they must be ball bearing hinges. As a front entrance door, the storefront door will see the heaviest used door in the building. Ball bearing hinges allow the storefront door to smoothly open and close no matter how heavy the foot traffic into the building may be.

Storefront Door Butt Hinge Size

All hinges for commercial storefront doors are 4-1/2" tall x 4" wide. This hinge foot print is universal among all major storefront door manufacturers.

When To Replace A Storefront Door Butt Hinge

Excessive Noise

If the commercial door hinges squeak or make any kind of grinding sound when opening or closing the door, replacement hinges should be considered. Storefront doors should always use ball bearing hinges, but unfortunately, many doors have plain bearing hinges (no ball bearings) because they are less expensive. Plain bearing hinges are notorious for squeaking and grinding as there are no ball bearings between each hinge knuckle.

Door Sag

Storefront door hinges are mounted to both the door and frame. They distribute the weight of the door across the door frame. Each time a door is opened or closed the hinge pin rubs against the ball bearing inner race, or the hinge knuckle if there is no ball bearing. Eventually, overtime the tolerances between the pin and the hinge loosen, resulting in the two hinge knuckles pulling further apart, causing the door to sag. If this happens, new replacement hinges should be installed on the storefront door to bring it back into proper alignment.

Door Closers USA Is Your Storefront Door Butt Hinge Supplier

If you are a building owner, contractor, or repair company we carry the high quality storefront door hinges you need to replace your existing door hinges. Trusted and used in buildings all across America, our storefront door hinges provide smooth door control and security. Shop today and receive FAST, FREE shipping!

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