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Storefront Door Flush Bolt

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Aluminum Storefront Door Flush Bolt



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What Is A Storefront Door Flush Bolt?

A storefront door flush bolt is a plunger style locking mechanism that is used to secure a door leaf on double door applications.

When To Use A Storefront Door Flush Bolt

Storefront flush bolts are needed on double door applications to assist in locking the doors. Flush bolts are utilized by manually flipping the flush bolt levers (top and bottom) to the locking position. This action fixes the door leaf in place so that the lock on the opposite door leaf will engage into a secure latch point. Without flush bolts, double doors will not be secured when locking the entryway, allowing for an unsecure entrance and easy break ins. Flush bolts are not necessary if your double door has a 2 point or 3 point locking system. These types of locking systems use dead bolts that are concealed inside the door, and are activated automatically when the door is closed and locked without the need to manually flip the flush bolt lever. These deadbolts prevent the inactive door from opening when locked. .

Where Are Flush Bolts Located On A Commercial Glass Door

Commercial storefront doors have two flush bolts which can be located at the top and bottom of the vertical leading edge door rail face, opposite to the deadlatch lock.

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