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Tahoma Storefront Door Deadlatch Locks

Tahoma Storefront Door Deadlatch Locks

Tahoma manufactures the highest quality storefront door replacement hardware. The Tahoma deadlatch lock is no exception. These storefront door locks provide maximum security to any storefront door, while also providing smooth and reliable door lock operation. Each Tahoma deadlatch features a durable spring loaded latchbolt designed for seamless mating in the deadlatch strike. Shop today and receive FAST, FREE shipping!



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When To Use A Deadlatch Lock

A deadlatch lock is a type of commercial storefront door lock designed for buildings that require after hours operation closed to public traffic or exit only traffic. An example of this is a bank. During normal business hours, the deadlatch can be dogged down so that the door can be accessible in two way traffic (pedestrians can enter or exit the door). This can be done by simply pushing the exit paddle in or turning the exit lever handle and then the key in the opposite direction. When the bank closes the deadlatch can then be adjusted to normal operation so that the door is in exit only (occupants in building can exit and only employees with a key can enter the building).

Other Deadlatch Applications Include:

  • Daycare
  • Elderly Community Centers
  • Recreation Centers
  • Commercial Gyms
  • Medical Supply Buildings

I Have A Deadlock, Can I Replace It With A Deadlatch?

Many building owners have deadlocks on their storefront doors which only function as two way traffic (customers can enter or exit building) or locked (customers cannot enter without a key or exit without turning the thumbturn). A deadlatch lock body uses the same mortise footprint as the deadlock body, so you can simply remove the original deadlock and replace it with a deadlatch. The deadlatch uses a different strike plate on the door frame than a deadlock, so the strike would have to be replaced. Also, deadlatches use either an exit paddle or lever on the interior side of the door, whereas a deadlock uses a thumbturn cylinder.

Can An Electric Strike Be Used With A Deadlatch?

An electric strike is a frame mounted strike body that electrically releases the deadlatch's spring latchbolt from the strike recess by an electronic solenoid. Cylindrical and Rim mounted electric strikes will not work with a storefront door deadlatch. The Dakota Door Controls storefront deadlatch electric strike will work with storefront door deadlatches.

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