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Door Closers USA manufactures high quality center hung bottom pivot sets for commercial storefront doors. One of the most common repairs on a storefront door is the bottom pivot. We carry replacement center hung pivots for all major door manufacturers like Kawneer, Rebco, Pittco, US Aluminum, and more. Shop today and receive FAST, FREE Shipping!



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What Is A Center Hung Pivot

A center hung pivot is a bottom pivot installed at the center of the heel of the door. It gets it's name since the door pivots at the center point of the door door rail, rather than 3/4" offset. Center hung pivots are concealed beneath the door and are used with overhead concealed door closers.

Center Hung Pivot Vs Offset Pivots

Both pivot designs work great for commercial doors. Center hung pivots are used with overhead concealed door closers, while offset pivots are used with surface mount door closers. In today's age, surface door closers are much more popular than overhead concealed door closers on storefront doors due to less prep work of the frame's header. For this reason, most storefront doors utilize surface door closers with offset pivots rather than overhead concealed closers iwith center hung pivots.