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Storefront Door Pivots

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Door Closers USA is America's #1 supplier of commercial storefront door pivots and hardware. As a complete storefront door manufacturer we understand that commercial door hardware needs to last. This goes for storefront door pivots as well. We offer replacement storefront door pivots for all major storefront door manufacturers like YKK, Kawneer, Vistawall, and Kawneer. The storefront door pivots we provide are the same quality storefront door pivots we use in our own Comanche storefront doors. Our products have been tested and have passed the test of time. It goes without saying, when you purchase a storefront door pivot from us, you are buying from a manufacturer with over 100+ years of experience!



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Types Of Storefront Door Pivots

Center Hung Storefront Door Pivots

A center hung storefront door pivot is a type of pivot set that is mounted at the center of the bottom door rail. Center hung door pivots are commonly used with concealed door closers. This pivot type consists of a floor or threshold mounted bottom pivot pin and door mounted bottom pivot bearing. The bottom pivot pin mates with with the bottom pivot bearing to create a free swinging door system. Center hung pivots can be harder to identify since they are hidden beneath door. When sourcing a replacement storefront door center hung pivot, we recommend removing the door from the frame, so that a clear view of the bottom pivot pin can be seen as well as the bottom pivot bearing on the door.

Offset Storefront Door Pivots

An offset storefront door pivot is a type of pivot system that mounts to the exterior face of the door and frame 3/4" from the center line of the door. Offset pivots are the most popular type of storefront door pivots. This pivot type consists of a top and bottom pivot set. The top pivot set is comprised of a frame header mount pivot bearing and a top door mounted pivot bearing. While the bottom pivot set is comprised of a jamb and/or threshold mounted pivot pin and a bottom door mounted pivot bearing.

Offset Intermediate Storefront Door Pivots

An offset intermediate storefront door pivot is a type of pivot hinge located at the middle height of a storefront door to offer additional structural support to the door and frame. Storefront intermediate pivots are offset 3/4" from the center line of the door, and are designed to be used with offset storefront door pivots. Intermediate pivots are only used for overheight storefront door applications such as 8'-0" tall storefront doors.

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