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Storefront Door Offset Intermediate Pivots

Storefront Door Offset Intermediate Pivots | Sales: [email protected]

Door Closers USA is your source for storefront door intermediate pivots for all door makes. We carry replacement offset intermediate pivot hinges for Amarlite, Vistawall, Kawneer, and many more brands. Our products are high quality, easy to install, and trusted by thousands of building owners and contractors across America. Shop now and receive FAST, FREE shipping!



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What is an Intermediate Pivot?

An intermediate pivot is essentially a support hinge for the door and frame located approximately at the center height of the door and frame. On storefront doors offset intermediate pivots are commonly used on doors with offset pivots that are 8'-0" or taller. Storefront door intermediate pivots are often referred to as lift off hinges, since they are comprised of two pieces, a frame mounted hinge leaf, and a door mounted hinge leaf. The frame mounted hinge leaf features a pin that mates with an oilite hole in the door mounted hinge leaf. The door can simply be lifted to mate the hinge leafs together.

3/4" Offset Intermediate Pivot

Storefront doors with intermediate pivots use the 3/4" offset intermediate pivot. This means that the pivot point of the storefront door is 3/4" offset from the center line of the door rail.

Mortise Installation

Storefront door intermediate pivots are mortised flush into the door frame and door. Replacement is very easy as the hinge leafs come off by removing the mounting screws on each hinge leaf.

Types of Storefront Door Intermediate Pivots

Mechanical Intermediate Pivots

Non-electric or mechanical intermediate pivots are the most popular type when used on over-height storefront doors. These function strictly to help distribute the weight of the door in the frame and allow the door to swing opened and closed smoothly and freely.

Electrified Intermediate Pivots

Electrified intermediate pivots are a type of pivot that features concealed low voltage wires that internally route from the door mounted hinge leaf to the frame mounted hinge leaf. Their main function is to provide distribute power from the door to the frame. Electrified intermediate pivots are popular with storefront doors that use electrified exit devices or other electronic security products.

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