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Access Control

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Pedestrian Access Control and Electronic Door Locks For Commercial Security Doors

Door Closers USA manufactures door control devices for all security door applications. Our products are trusted by businesses and building owners nationwide. Each and every door is unique and as a result requires an access control package specific to it's needs or requirements. Door Closers USA offers a variety of electronic door lock systems that provide security and safety to your building. From electronic door strike locks to electric magnetic door locks, we can help you find the locking system right for your door. At Door Closers USA, we offer customers complete security door lock solutions with all components integrated and working together in one lock system. As a complete access control integrator, we provide point by point wiring diagrams with all of our door control products and solutions, ensuring that there is no confusion during the installation process. Shop today and receive FAST and FREE shipping on all of our commercial door access control products and solutions.

What Are Door Controls or Access Controls?

You may have heard of the term "door controls" or even "access controls" if you have been researching or shopping for a door lock. Door controls loosely refers to any door hardware product that falls under the category of electronic security door locks. Door controls and access controls are often used synonymously and typically refer to an electronic locking device used on some type of commercial door. For example, door control products include electric strikes, maglocks, electric deadbolts, electrified exit devices, electrified cylindrical door locks, and any other type of electric door lock. Door controls also includes any electronic product that supports or is used with electronic door locks. These products include power transfer devices needed to provide electricity to the electronic door lock such as electrified door hinges, electrified pivots, door loops, and more. The door control and access control umbrella also includes electronic devices that provide access or entry to security doors such as entrance keypads and card readers. As a rule of thumb, any door hardware component that is electrified or has wires can be considered a "door control" product or "access control" product.

Types Of Door Controls and Access Controls

Door controls and pedestrian access controls can be divided into the following product types listed below.

Electric Strike Locks

Electronic door strikes are one of the most popular types of electronic locking devices used on commercial doors. Electric strikes are a type of door strike that is mortised into the door frame. Electric strikes come in a variety of models which work specifically with a type of mechanical door lock such as cylindrical lever lock, cylindrical knob lock, mortise lock, or even rim exit device. It works like a normal door strike when it is not electrified, meaning the cylindrical lock's latchbolt is held in the electric strike housing. When the cylindrical lock's latchbolt is retracted manually, the door can be swung open. When the electric strike is energized (electricity applied), a built in solenoid inside of the electronic door strike retracts the striker, allowing the door to swing freely open without having to manually retract the cylindrical lock's latchbolt. Electric strikes are commonly used with ADA door openers.

Magnetic Locks

A magnetic lock, or maglock, is a type of door lock that utilizes electromagnetism to hold the door in the locked position. Magnetic locks vary in holding force from 600lbs to 1200lbs. Magnetic locks are typically mounted at the top of the door. When energized the door is held closed in the locked position. The door can be opened by de-energizing the magnetic lock. Maglocks are very popular for door pair applications where an electric strike lock is not feasible.

Electrified Exit Devices or Motorized Exit Devices

An electrified exit device is similar to that of a normal manual exit device, except that internally it is outfitted with either a small dc motor or an electric solenoid which automatically pulls in the push pad and latchbolt of the exit device. Electrified exit devices are commonly used with ADA door openers where the exit device must automatically dog down in order for the automatic door operator to push the door open.

Electrified Cylindrical and Mortise Door Locks

Electrified cylindrical locks and even electrified mortise locks are the same as their non-electrified counterparts, except that they feature a small electric solenoid which allows it to automatically unlock the door lock, allowing the outside lever to retract the latchbolt. Likewise electrified cylindrical locks can also be ordered that automatically lock the door. Electrified cylindrical locks are very common for security door applications in offices, board rooms, etc.

Automatic Power Door Openers

Commonly referred to as handicap door openers or ADA door openers, power door openers have gained much popularity due to the requirements required by law through the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA). Power door openers are used for automatically opening and closing doors. These ADA door openers are commonly used on front entrance doors, office doors, hospital doors, restroom doors, and any door that could be difficult for people with disabilities to open or close.

Handicap Push Plate Switches

Push To Open stainless steel switches are the industry standard to activate handicap door openers. These handicap door opener push plates can be installed with the switch wires running directly to the automatic door opener control board, or can be installed using radio frequency transmitters for a wireless installation. With radio frequency controls a transmitter is connected to the switch on the back of the push plate, and signals to the receiver in the automatic door opener controller to open the door when the push plate is pressed by a pedestrian.

Touchless Activation & Request To Exit

Through the harsh reality of the COVID-19 pandemic, building owners across the world came to the realization of how important touchless activation is. Microwave or Infrared touchless activation switches are used to integrate with automatic ADA door openers, to allow pedestrians to activate the door to open by simply waving their hand in front of the switch. Touchless activation is not just for ADA door opener integration. Touchless activation switches can be used and integrated into any security door lock system as a hands free request to exit switch.

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