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Saddle Thresholds, Panic Thresholds, & Fire Rated Thresholds For All Door Types: Hollow Metal, Commercial Wood, & Storefront

Thresholds are very important for commercial exterior doors because they provide a barrier seal from outside weather, pests, and even debris from entering into the building. Door Closers USA specializes in high quality, ADA compliant thresholds designed for use on all commercial buildings. No matter your commercial door application we can customize all door thresholds to specific sizes, heights, and profile widths. Shop today and receive FAST and FREE shipping on all commercial door thresholds.
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All American Saddle Threshold All American Commercial Door Heavy Duty ADA Bottom Saddle Threshold Usually Ships in 24 Hours
List Price: $104.42
Our Price: $52.21
Savings: $52.21

All American Saddle Threshold All American Commercial Door Extra Heavy Duty ADA Bottom Aluminum Saddle Threshold Ground Ships in 7-10 Business Days. 3 Day Express, 2 Day, Next Day Ships in 24 to 48 Hours
List Price: $187.02
Our Price: $93.51
Savings: $93.51

All American Panic Threshold All American Heavy Duty ADA Compliant Commercial Door Threshold With Vinyl Seal Usually Ships in 24 Hours
List Price: $185.50
Our Price: $92.75
Savings: $92.75


What Is A Commercial Door Threshold?

A commercial door threshold is long floor plate extruded from aluminum. This floor plate is designed to fit between the commercial door frame. It provides a variety of functions, but the main purpose is to act as a barrier between the inside of the building and the outside. Commercial door thresholds can vary in design, specifically the thickness of the aluminum it is constructed from and the built in support legs. High quality commercial grade thresholds will often be manufactured from a thicker extruded aluminum, while inexpensive light duty residential thresholds will be extruded from very thin aluminum.

Functions Of A Commercial Door Threshold

Smooth Transition

It is very common for the commercial building to sit at a higher elevation than the surface surrounding the building. For this reason, door thresholds are often used as a smooth transition from the outside elevation to the inside building elevation. Likewise commercial door thresholds are also used inside buildings as well as transition pieces from one flooring material to another. For example, if on one side of the door the flooring is tile and the other side of the door is hardwood, the threshold can help transition between the two surfaces.

Keeps Rain, Dirt, and Pests Out Of The Building

You would be surprised how cold your commercial building is in the Winter or how warm your building is in the Summer without a threshold on your front entrance door. An typical aluminum door threshold is anywhere from 1/4" tall to a 1/2". If you think about how large of an air gap that is beneath your front door it is equivalent to keeping your commercial front entrance door partially open all Winter or Summer. This means when the weather is bad outside such as rain or snow, you are guaranteed to get moisture, rain, or snow inside of your building. And if that does not concern you then maybe the creepy crawlers will! With a door gap that big, bugs such as ants, spiders, scorpions, or cockroaches can simply crawl right in to your building.

Helps Secure The Door

When people think of a commercial door threshold, the last thing they consider is door security. However, many storefront entrance doors feature a 3 point lock system, where a locking bolt known as a threshold bolt is designed to drop into a hole in the door threshold, securing the door. In many hollow metal doors or solid core wood doors use surface vertical rod exit devices, which latch similarly with a bottom latchbolt securing to a strike mounted to the threshold. However, even if your commercial door does not have a 3 point lock system or surface vertical rod locking hardware, just think about the 1/2" gap beneath your door. Vandals could easily slip part of a pry bar beneath the door to destroy your door's bottom rail and breach the door opening. Having a door threshold seals that gap and helps ensure the security of the commercial door.