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Commercial Door Saddle Thresholds

Commercial Door Saddle Thresholds | Sales: [email protected]

ADA Compliant & UL Listed Saddle Thresholds For Commercial Doors

A Saddle Threshold gets its name due to it's design. Like a horse saddle that wraps around the horse's back, a saddle threshold wraps around the threshold of the door. Door Closers USA specializes in saddle thresholds for doors. We offer a wide range of finishes, heights, widths, and styles of saddle thresholds, so you can be sure you will find a saddle threshold for your application.

Door Closers USA is your supplier for saddle thresholds, commercial door saddle thresholds, and residential door saddle thresholds. No matter your gap or spacing, you are sure to find the right size saddle threshold at Door Closers USA. So please carefully browse our selection of saddle thresholds and have the right saddle threshold quickly shipped to your preferred location.



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When To Use A Commercial Saddle Threshold

Saddle thresholds are the majority of thresholds used on commercial exterior doors. If there is any kind of air gap beneath your front entrance door, then a saddle threshold should be installed. An aluminum saddle threshold will block the majority of the gap beneath your door. Typically a door sweep will also need to be surface mounted to the bottom of the door. The door sweep bristles will rest against the saddle threshold completely sealing off the gap beneath the door.

Are Door Saddle Thresholds ADA Compliant?

Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) is a law passed in 1990 for the purpose of allowing people with disabilities the same opportunities as everyone else. Per ADA requirements, all saddle thresholds for new construction doors are limited to a 1/2" maximum profile height with the ramped bevel portion following a slope ratio of 1:2. Keeping that in mind, all thresholds on the market today are not ADA compliant and should not be installed on commercial ADA doors. It is up to the buyer to be aware of compliance and certification and not to get tricked into buying a product that should not be installed on a commercial door. Remember, many products sold come from other countries, where ADA requirements and other building codes do not apply. You can always trust Door Closers USA as our All American saddle thresholds are ADA compliant as well as UL Certified and Fire Rated for installation on all commercial doors in the USA.

How To Measure A Saddle Threshold

A commercial door saddle threshold is designed to span the width of the door opening. The threshold sits between the two door jambs. It is common practice to measure the distance between the door jambs. ADA compliant single doors are either 3'-0", 3'-6", or 4'-0" wide and ADA compliant door pairs are 6'-0", 7'-0", or 8'-0" wide. So these will be the majority of threshold lengths ordered. There are other door openings that are not ADA compliant such as storage closets which may require a shorter length threshold such as 2'-6". It is important to note that door frames among commercial doors vary significantly. For example the profile of a hollow metal steel door frame features a rabbet that protrudes into the door way and acts as a door stop for the door. Where as a center hung storefront door will have a smooth 4-1/2" wide door jamb. Depending on your application, or how you set the threshold some trimming of the threshold may be necessary.

How To Cut A Saddle Threshold

Like any construction project, some alterations may be needed. For example, if the architect changed the door specifications from a 48" door to a 36" door, you will need to cut down the saddle threshold length in order to fit it in the smaller door opening. Cutting or trimming a door saddle threshold is actually a very common practice and can be completed on the job site by using any hand saw. The saddle threshold is made from extruded aluminum and cuts quite easy. We recommend using a straight edge and pencil to mark the desired length of the threshold. Then carefully use the hand saw to cut the threshold down.

How Thick Should A Saddle Threshold Be?

A commercial door threshold is typically atleast .105" thick and manufactured from a 6063 aluminum alloy. With that being said, are all commercial saddle thresholds this profile thickness? The answer is no. Unfortunately, in today's market there are many lesser known brands out there that use a much thinner aluminum extrusion for thresholds. These lesser known brand thresholds typically dent in within weeks of installation on a commercial door from the traffic and weight of the pedestrians passing through the entry way. Unfortunately, it is also common practice for residential grade saddle thresholds to be marketed as a commercial grade thresholds, even though they use thinner aluminum profiles and lack the support structure that a true commercial door saddle threshold has. So how do you cypher through the bad thresholds from the good ones? Shop at Door Closers USA of course. We are a commercial door and threshold manufacturer. All of our All American brand door thresholds are designed for commercial doors. You can install our products in your commercial front entrance doors and can expect decades of performance.

How Wide Should A Saddle Threshold Be?

Standard saddle threshold profile widths are typically 4 Inches or 5 Inches. A lot of confusion comes from door thresholds used on hollow metal or solid core wood doors in steel frames. Steel drywall or masonry frames vary in jamb depth. Although typical drywall knock down frames are 5-5/8" or 5-7/8" and standard masonry frames are 5-3/4" wide, there are custom frames out there that can be as wide as 8-1/4". The misconception is that you need a saddle threshold wider than door frame's jamb depth. This is not the case. A 4 inch or 5 inch door threshold can be used on wider door frames. In fact it is industry standard to use a 4 or 5 inch saddle threshold on a wider door frame and simply hold the door threshold out to the exterior of the door frame.

How Tall Should A Saddle Threshold Be?

A saddle threshold should be no taller than 1/2". All industry standard ADA compliant thresholds are either 1/4" or 1/2" and follow the 1:2 slope ratio.

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