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Storefront Door Offset Pivot Hinges

Storefront Door Offset Pivot Hinges | Sales: [email protected]

Door Closers USA is manufacturer and supplier of Comanche storefront doors and Tahoma replacement storefront door hardware including offset pivot hinges. We carry the largest replacement offset pivot hinge supply for storefront doors in the USA. Our offset pivot hinges are designed with heavy duty seal bearings so you can expect a lifetime of use with them. Order today and receive FAST, FREE shipping!



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What Is A Storefront Door Offset Pivot Hinge

An offset pivot hinge is a generic term describing that the pivot point of the door is offset from the center heel side of the door. In storefront doors, the industry standard is the 3/4 offset pivot hinge. Meaning the door pivots 3/4" from the center heel side of the door. Offset pivot hinges are used with surface door closers on storefront doors.

Offset Pivot Hinge Finishes

Offset pivot hinges are offered in clear anodized (silver) or dark bronze. The majority of storefront doors are clear anodized or dark bronze, so the offset pivot hinges will match. Some storefront doors may be painted a custom color, for those applications the offset pivot hinge would need to be painted on site with the door.

Offset Pivot Hinge Features

Sealed Ball Bearing

We are very proud of our offset pivot hinges for storefront doors. Unlike other products out on the market, ours uses a sealed bearing preventing bugs, dirt, and grime to penetrate the bearing. We also use a specific grease type within the bearing allowing self lubrication throughout the entire life cycle of the offset pivot hinge.

Heavy Duty Cast Pivot Body

Our product uses a heavy duty cast aluminum for the body of the offset pivot hinge. Other inferior products use cast aluminum, however their casting process results in a weaker casting often breaking or cracking prematurely when installed on commercial storefront doors.

Durable Spring Pin

Our product features a heavy duty pivot pin and with an oversized spring. This allows the offset pivot pin component to stay mated with the offset pivot bearing no matter how abused the door gets. Our spring will not wear out causing the door to get dismounted from the frame.

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