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American Entrance Controls

American Entrance Control Products

American Entrance Controls is a manufacturer of commercial access control products. The company was created because the founders saw a need in the door and security industry for electronic door products that could easily be integrated with each other. In the past, many access control products were confusing to understand how to wire or integrate into other door control security products. American Entrance Controls solves this problem offering a variety of electronic door control products including electronic locks such as electric strikes, magnetic locks, electrified mortise and cylindrical locks, electrified panic devices, and more, all designed to easily integrate with new or existing access control systems.

Complete Access Control Solutions

Although there are projects that require specific and special needs, most door applications require the same type of locking application. At American Entrance Controls, we simplify the process of ordering a security door lock system. Our door control locking kits include all the access control products you need. Included are detailed instructions with wiring diagrams for each door component, making installation simple. American Entrance Control commercial door access control kits are ideal for contractors, building owners, electricians, and handy men.

Flexible Access Control Solutions

With American Entrance Control electronic door locking kits, additional components such as security override on/off key switch, entrance keypad, or other access control products can easily be added to the lock kit for easy integration.

Solutions For All Door Control Needs

Where other commercial door access control companies may offer electronic locks, our attention to detail sets us apart. We offer integration locking solutions for hollow metal doors, aluminum storefront doors, commercial wood doors, ADA automatic handicap doors, and more. American Entrance Control products are so versatile they can easily be integrated into any commercial swinging door type.



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