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Commercial Cylindrical Ball Knob Door Locks

Commercial Cylindrical Ball Knob Door Locks | Sales: [email protected]

Commercial Cylindrical Ball Knob Door Locks

When you think of a door, the first thing that comes to mind is the door knob. Without a proper door knob, you cannot open or close the door. At Door Closers USA we specialize in door knobs and all things doors. Essentially there are two main groups of door knobs, commercial door knobs and residential door knobs. Depending on your application, will determine the proper door knob. Commercial door knobs are grade 1 and grade 2 door knobs. These door knobs are built much more heavy duty and are designed for continuous use in a commercial building such as a school, office, or government building. Whereas a residential door knob tends to be a grade 3 door knob and is designed primarily for use in a residential home, which will experience much less use than a high traffic commercial building. Door Closers USA offers you a wide selection of both commercial and residential door knobs. As a door hardware dealer we are very picky with the brands we distribute, as a result you will find high quality door knobs offered by us. We stock thousands of door knob models, finishes, and types in our warehouse, ready for immediate shipment.

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