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Commercial Door Closer Stuck Open - Easy Fixes!

Commercial Door Closer Stuck Open - Easy Fixes!

The sun is shining outside and it's a good day. Then you go to use the the restroom and notice your commercial door is stuck open. Oh no! Don't worry in this article we are going to go over all the easy fixes to fix your door closer.

Check The Door Closer Arm

Door closer arms function as a pivot. The door closer arm is comprised of two main parts: the forearm and the main arm. The forearm and main arm are linked together by a screw, nut, and sleeve. As the door opens the door closer arm articulates. Check the pivoting portion of the door closer arm between the forearm and main arm and verify that the arm can properly articulate. Sometimes the nut, sleeve, and screw can get jammed together causing the door closer arm to remain static in the same position.

Check The Door Spring

Can the door close by hand? When you push the door into the full closed position, does it spring back open. If it does spring back open, then you have a broken door spring and the door closer needs to be replaced.

Check The Bottom Of The Door

Look at the bottom of the door. Is there a rock stuck underneath the door? Or some other kind of obstruction holding the door open. Is there a bottom sweep at the base of the door. Are the weatherstripping brush bristles touching the ground and keeping the door from swinging closed? Was there a new rug that was placed underneath the door? This may seem obvious, but most door solutions are easy fixes.

Broken Arm Spindle

The arm spindle is where the door closer main arm attaches to the door closer body. The arm spindle is a square shape. Identify it and check if it is worn down. Is it still the original square shape, or has it been rounded out. Check the main arm hole where the spindle mates. Is the main arm hole still the original shape, or is it rounded out. It is very common for the door closer arm to come loose over time. As pedestrians continue to open and close the door, the door closer arm has a lot of slop and the spindle or main arm hole eventually rounds out over time.

Check The Door Hinges

Door hinges are the main pivoting system for the commercial door. A jammed up door hinge prevents the door from swinging. Verify that each door hinge is functional and not the culprit for the door staying open.

Look For Any Other Obstructions

Although this may seem like common sense, investigate the door. What is different about the door? Was anything added to the door. What is attached to the door? What could be holding the door open?


You might just be surprised that your commercial door closer will not shut due to an obstruction. Take your time and check each door component to find the cause of what is keeping your door open. And if you do find that your door closer is broken we recommend replacing it with a Liberty door closer. Liberty door closers are available in a variety of footprints, so that the new door closer can screw into the existing holes in your door or frame making installation extremely easy!

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