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Commercial Door Rain Drip Guards

Commercial Door Rain Drip Guards | Sales: [email protected]

Top Door Frame Mounted Rain Drip Caps - Prevents Water On Door and Threshold

Door Closers USA offers the best selection in rain guards for commercial exterior doors. Our products feature an extended projection which redirects the rain from dripping down the face of the door. We offer commercial door rain guards in all standard door sizes, but can also custom manufacture them to any length. Shop today and receive FAST, FREE shipping on commercial door rain drip caps today.



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What Does A Rain Drip Do?

A rain drip is also referred to as a rain guard and it's primary function is to divert rain from dripping on to the face of the door. Rain drip guards are typically longer than the door frame width. As rain pours and hits the building, it runs down the rain drip cap. The rain drip cap projects away from the door allowing the rain to flow away from the door face.

When Should I Consider Adding A Rain Drip To My Door?

Heavy Rain Environments

Rain drip caps should be considered for any exterior door that is in an environment that receives a lot of rain fall.

Doors With Security Accessories

However, it really depends on your door application. For example, if your door is a security door outfitted with a keypad reader or card reader, a rain drip is recommended to keep rain from dripping on the keypad or card reader.

Front Entrance Doors

Another benefit of a commercial door rain guard is that it keeps your commercial door looking clean. Without a rain guard, when the door dries, streaks of rain drips will be apparent all over the face of the door and/or glass. Many commercial doors are front entrances to the building, and having a clean looking door is important.

Rain Drip Guard Mounting and Applications

A rain drip cap is designed to mount directly on the top head of the door frame. Rain drip caps can be installed on nearly any door type including hollow metal steel doors and aluminum storefront doors.

Rain Drip Guards and Snow

Rain drip guards can also help prevent snow from falling on the face of the door. Depending on how much snowfall your door is getting, the snow will pile up on the top of the rain drip guard and it will be necessary to push off the snow in order for it to not weigh down the rain guard.

Rain Drips Work Best With Door Thresholds and Sweeps

Rain drip caps will deflect the rain from the face of the door. However, it is important to note that the rain will still fall directly in front of the door. For this reason it is important have a well sealed door threshold and a brush or vinyl bottom sweep in order to insure no moisture or rain will enter the door from the ground.

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