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Hinge Side Edge Guards

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Edge Guards To Protect The Hinge Side Of The Commercial Door

Hinge side edge guards provide the commercial door with the armor protection needed in shopping/retail, warehouse, industrial, and medical applications. We offer hinge side edge guards for all door manufacturer's hinge preps including Steelcraft, Ceco, Curries, Pioneer, Republic, Masonite, Jeld-Wen, and more. We can also customized edge guards for any hinge prep location you may have. Shop today and receive FREE shipping!



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What Is The Purpose Of Edge Guards On The Hinge Side Of Doors?

An edge guard is a type of protection plate, typically made from stainless steel, that is designed to mount to the corner of a door and acts as an armor or shield for the door against damage. One popular type of edge guard is an edge guard designed to go over the hinge side of the door. There are essentially two types of edge guards for the hinge side of doors; a single leg edge guard and a double leg edge guard.

Types Of Hinge Side Edge Guards

Single Leg Hinge Side Edge Guard

A single leg edge guard is designed to protect one corner of the hinge side of the door. In many circumstances this is enough protection for a commercial door. The leg projects 7/8" from the door corner and is typically mounted on the side of the door where the hinges are exposed when the door is in the full open position.

Double Leg Hinge Side Edge Guard

A double leg hinge side edge guard is a 3 sided edge guard. It wraps around the entire hinge side of the door, protecting both corners. Each leg projects 7/8" from the door corners. Double leg hinge side edge guards are the ultimate hinge side protection, because the entire hinge side of the door is protected and covered by the edge guard.

Advantages Of Edge Guards For The Hinge Side Of Doors

The bottom line is, commercial doors get abused. When pedestrians pass through commercial doors, they just do not have the same care for the door, as they might for a door that is in their own home. Shopping carts, shopping baskets, pallet jacks, backpacks, hands, feet, elbows, and more come in contact with commercial doors each and every day.

Door Hinge Protection

The hinge side of the door is arguably the part of the door which is most vulnerable to damage. When a door is in the full open position, the hinge side of the door is completely exposed and vulnerable to potential damage. If the hinge side of the door is hit by a cart or pallet jack, it can rip the hinges off of the door and frame, or tweak them badly. Having a heavy duty edge guard for the hinge side of the door will protect it from objects and help absorb the impact to prevent damage to your door or hinges.

Door Paint Protection

If you ever have painted a commercial door, you know that the quickest place the paint wears off on a door are the corners of the door. The door corners typically rub on the door frame, or on objects such as shopping carts or pallet dolly's that rub against the door corner edges. A hinge side edge guard wraps around the entire height of the hinge side of the door. This will protect the corner paint of the door.

Door Corner Protection

Whenever the door is in any degree of opening, the door corners are exposed and vulnerable to damage. Installing a hinge side edge guard protects the hinge side door's corners. The heavy duty 18 gauge stainless steel will absorb all impact and prevent dents, door dings, and more that would occur if a hinge side edge guard was not installed.

Keeps The Door In Original Shape

Door scratches and scuffs can annoy building owners since it can make the door look ugly. But the real issue is when the door gets hit so hard, that the door edge or corner gets deformed from it's original shape. On wood doors, the corners will typically crack and shear off, but on hollow metal doors the metal will typically bend. When this happens to a door edge, this means the door will not be able to close and set back in the door frame. Hinge side edge guards and edge guards in general can protect commercial doors from deflection or deformation.

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