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Heavy Duty Shipping Container Steel Man Door With Weldable 16 Gauge Frame

The Apache shipping container steel man door and frame is the ideal solution for anyone who is in need of installing a steel door in their shipping container.

A shipping container typically has cargo door at one of end. Cargo doors are great for applications where you are needing to load and unload pallets in or out of the shipping container. However, today many shipping containers are being utilized as office spaces, homes, garages, or other unique applications. For those listed applications, cargo doors are not only a pain to use each time you want to get into the container, but they are also uninsulated and have no weatherstripping resulting in zero energy savings.

Our unique Apache shipping container steel doors feature an insulated core, and we offer the option to add a door sweep or door frame weatherstripping kit to improve the energy efficiency of the door. The Apache door frame also features a thick 16 gauge steel frame. The Apache shipping container door, frame, and hardware come pre-hung so your installer can literally put it into the opening and weld it into place.

Recommended Skill Requirements

Apache Metal Building Door Company recommends that the installer is experienced in welding and metal fabrication. The door system is designed to be face welded into the exterior shipping container wall. The jamb depth of the door frame varies as does the thickness of the shipping container wall, therefore the installer is responsible for properly prepping the rough opening. This often requires metal fabrication and a flat metal trim to be welded around the rough opening, so that the door frame can be welded on the interior side of the structure too.



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