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Chinook Prefinished Hollow Metal Doors

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Prefinished Hollow Metal Doors

A prefinished hollow metal door is a commercial steel door that comes pre-painted. Normal hollow metal doors are coated with a rust inhibiting gray primer that is ready for paint, whereas prefinished hollow metal doors come finished in three different colors: gray, off white, or bright white. The main advantage of prefinished hollow metal doors is the time saving aspect. If your door application requires you to paint the door, a prefinished door can save you hours of labor. A typical hollow metal door paint job requires you to tape off the door, frame, and remove all hardware just to paint the door. However, if the door application requires a special kind of paint, your best bet would be to purchase the hollow metal doors in the gray primer finish, and paint them on site. Not all jobs require prefinished hollow metal doors. Many door installations use the gray primer finish as the final product, in fact that has become the standard finished look for commercial hollow metal doors. Prefinished hollow metal doors are very popular in residential home applications, where the homeowner is looking for a more secure door than wood, but wants to match the white trim work or siding of the home. For these reasons the off white or bright white prefinished hollow metal doors are very popular. There are a few disadvantages to prefinished hollow metal doors, and that is delivery and installation. When the door and frame come pre-painted they are at more risk for dings or scratches in the finished paint especially during the shipping process or installation process. In comparison, a gray primer hollow metal door is shipped, installed, and then painted last, ensuring no chance of damage to the paint job. Another disadvantage to prefinished hollow metal doors is that you are limited to three color choices: gray, bright white, and off white. If you choose the standard gray primer hollow metal door and paint the door and frame yourself, you have unlimited color choices to choose from.

Prefinished Hollow Metal Door Features

  • 20 Gauge steel is standard for prefinished hollow metal doors.
  • Can be used on commercial building or residential home applications.
  • 3 prefinished colors to choose from: gray, bright white, off white
  • Heavy duty 18 gauge steel frame
  • Door and frame are galvannealed steel
  • Insulated foam core
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Heavy duty door closer reinforcement standard

Prefinished Hollow Metal Door Colors

Prefinished hollow metal doors are available in gray, bright white, or off white color.

Prefinished Hollow Metal Door Preps

Prefinished hollow metal doors can be prepped with a 161 Lock and/or Deadbolt Prep (Bored Lock Hole with 2-3/4" backset for use with any commercial cylindrical lock. The doors are prepped for 4.5" x 4.5" square ball bearing hinges with heavy duty 7 gauge hinge reinforcements.

Prefinished Hollow Metal Door Sizes

Prefinished hollow metal doors are available in 3'-0" x 6'-8" (36" x 80") or 3'-0" x 7'-0" (36" x 84").

Prefinished Hollow Metal Door Certifications

  • Designed and tested to comply with the requirements of the Florida Building Code
  • Florida Approval
  • Wind Rating

Prefinished Hollow Metal Door Applications

Prefinished hollow metal doors can save you both time and money on any installation since the doors come pre-painted. Below are some of the most popular prefinished door applications:
  • Residential Home Basement Door
  • Residential Home Garage Door
  • Commercial Entry Door
  • Warehouse Door