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NFPA 80 Compliant Fire Rated Door Hardware

National Fire Protection Association 80 Compliant Door Hardware and Parts

The NFPA, or National Fire Protection Association, is a group that sets national codes and standards related to fire and electrical hazards. The NFPA 80 are requirements that deal with the installation and maintenance of devices used to stop the spread of fires in buildings. As a trade professional or building owner you understand the importance of fire rated door hardware. Safety is always a top priority. At Door Closers USA we could not agree more. In fact, we are here to help. That is why we offer a complete line of NFPA 80 Fire Rated compliant door hardware and components. Shop our trusted door hardware brands today and have the confidence knowing that you are buying NFPA 80 fire rated door hardware. After all, no one wants to get caught and fined by a building inspector for inadequate non-fire compliant door hardware.



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NFPA 80 Compliant Fire Rated Door Hardware

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