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Prehung Hollow Metal Doors

Prehung Hollow Metal Doors

A prehung hollow metal door is a commercial steel door mounted within a steel door frame with hinges. Prehung hollow metal doors are a great way for contractors or builders to save time during the installation process since the door is already hung within the frame. Traditional hollow metal door installation with a hollow metal door and knock down door frame, requires the installer to put together the door frame and then shim and hang the door inside of the frame with the door hinges. Although traditional installation is rather simple, it can consume time on the job site. For this reason prehung hollow metal doors are very popular. Another advantage of prehung doors is that they are typically hung in a welded steel frame. Welded steel hollow metal door frames are much stronger than knock down steel frames.

Prehung Hollow Metal Door Features

  • Heavy duty 18 Gauge steel is standard. 16 and 20 gauge is also available.
  • Insulated polystyrene core is standard (R-Value 7.14, U-Value 0.14). Honeycomb, steel stiffened, or polyurethane cores available.
  • Fire rated up to 3 hours is standard.
  • Galvannealed steel is standard.
  • Heavy duty steel cap is standard.
  • Universal 4.5" x 4.5" Square Hinge Prep
  • 7 Gauge hinge reinforcement is standard.
  • Double baked gray rust inhibiting primer standard.
  • Manufactured in the USA.
  • Heavy duty door closer reinforcement standard.
  • 1-3/4" door thickness.

Prehung Hollow Metal Door Lock Prep

Prehung hollow metal doors can be prepped the following ways
  • 161 Lock or Deadbolt Prep (Bored Lock Hole with 2-3/4" backset for use with any commercial cylindrical lock)
  • 86 Mortise Edge Prep (Mortise pocket for use with any commercial mortise lock. Face prep by installer)
  • Blank Lock (No Bored Hole)
  • RPD Rim Panic Prep (Reinforced prep designed for mounting a rim panic exit device on face of door)

Prehung Hollow Metal Door Hinge Prep

Prehung hollow metal doors are prepped standard for 4.5" x 4.5" square ball bearing hinges with heavy duty 7 gauge hinge reinforcements. Continuous hinge prep available upon request.

Prehung Hollow Metal Door Sizes

Prehung hollow metal doors are available in all standard door widths up to 4'-0" (48") and heights up to 8'-0" (96"). Custom door widths and heights are available for quotation.

Prehung Hollow Metal Door Certifications

  • Designed and tested to comply with the requirements of the Florida Building Code including High Velocity Hurricane Zone.
  • FL13889, FL17900, FL18463 Labels Available
  • Meets or exceeds ANSI 250.4 and ANSI 250.8

Prehung Hollow Metal Door Applications

Commercial prehung hollow metal doors allow for quicker installation than traditional hollow metal doors with knock down frames. Prehung hollow metal doors make for fast and easy installation and can be installed in a wide array of applications. Below are some of the most popular prehung door applications:
  • Interior Office Doors
  • Exterior Entry or Exit Doors
  • Storage Room Doors
  • Warehouse Doors
  • Security Doors
  • Remodel/Renovation

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