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Commercial Door Weatherstripping

Commercial Door Weatherstripping | Sales: [email protected]

Door Sweeps, Door Frame Seals, & Weatherstripping For All Commercial Door Types: Hollow Metal, Storefront Aluminum, & Solid Core Wood

There are many types of commercial doors used in buildings. Front entrance doors are typically aluminum storefront glass doors, while the fire exit doors are constructed from heavy duty steel. Likewise, interior commercial doors are typically architectural solid core wood doors. Having the proper weatherstripping products on your commercial door can provide immense benefits. For instance, by installing a commercial grade brush door sweep on your storefront entrance door, it prevents insects, rodents, and unwanted debris into your commercial building. Or by installing fire rated perimeter bulb gasket around your fire exit door frame, it will better insulate your building, saving you money in energy bills. For interior commercial wood door pairs, by installing a brush astragal between the two doors, will provide a better seal for the room, and help better balance the HVAC in the building. Door Closers USA offers the best selection of weatherstripping products such as door sweeps, door frame seals, and astragals to choose from for commercial door applications. All of our products are designed specifically for commercial doors and have been tested on commercial doors. Our weatherstripping products are not residential grade. What this means, is that our products will stand the test of time, and will not break down prematurely, no matter how heavy the foot traffic is for your commercial door. Shop today and receive FAST and FREE shipping on all our commercial door weatherstripping products.



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Types Of Commercial Door Weatherstripping

Door Sweeps

A door sweep is a type of brush weatherstripping that is attached to the bottom of the door. The door sweep is constructed from an extruded aluminum holder that spans the width of the door. In the aluminum holder are nylon bristles that project from the holder to the surface of the floor, providing a firm seal. Door sweeps should always be utilized on any exterior commercial door since it prevents wind, debris, and even bugs from entering into the building.

Door Frame Weatherstripping

Often referred to as door jamb weatherstripping, or perimeter door seal, this weatherseal is a gasket type shaped as a bulb. Door frame weatherstripping is constructed from an extruded holder that spans the height of the door, and the width of the door head. It is designed to provide a seal around the entire door frame. In the aluminum holder is a vinyl bulb gasket. The aluminum holder mounts to the interior side of the door frame and the bulb gasket presses firmly against the surface of the door, providing a seal. Door frame weatherstripping should be used on any exterior commercial steel door such as fire exit doors or stairwell doors.

Door Astragals

A door astragal is a type of weatherstripping that seals the gap between two doors in a pair. An astragal consists of two aluminum holders, where each one is attached to the leading stile of a door. The aluminum holders span the entire height of the door. In the aluminum holder is typically nylon bristles, but can be vinyl, depending on the application. The bristles of each holder press against each sealing the gap between the two doors. Door astragals should be used on any commercial door pair, since they provide the best seal between the two doors.

Residential Weatherstripping Vs Commercial Weatherstripping

To a normal consumer all door sweeps may seem the same. So how do most people determine which door sweep they require? Price is often the biggest factor. However, did you know that all door weatherstripping is not the same? The biggest differentiator of weatherstripping is the door application, residential or commercial. Residential door weatherstripping such as door sweeps or door seals are very low in cost. This is due to a number of reasons that we will explore.

Price Of Residential Door Weatherstripping

Reason #1 is that the majority of residential doors are non fire rated. In fact, typically there is only one fire rated door in a home, and that is the door leading into the garage. For this reason the majority of residential products do not have nearly the cycle tests and certifications that commercial weatherstripping has. As a result a lower qualified product is less expensive than a more qualified product.

Reason #2 that residential weatherstripping is so inexpensive is due to the quality. Residential doors are not used nearly as much as commercial doors. For example, how often do you use your front door each day? Compare that to how much a front entrance door at a local bank is used. Since residential doors are low traffic type doors, the grade of weatherstripping is much inferior to that of commercial weatherstripping.

For these reasons residential door weatherstripping is always lower in cost than commercial door weatherstripping.

How To Choose The Right Weatherstripping For Your Door

We know that price is a big factor for most consumers when purchasing weatherstripping. But, price is only a viable factor if the door weatherstripping products being compared are apples to apples. For example, most consumers fall into a trap of purchasing a the lowest cost door sweep they find. They then install the product on their commercial door and within a week the brush bristles are falling out of the holder and are scattered all over the floor. So what the consumer should have done was compared the two door sweeps he was considering to purchase. The low cost product was a residential grade door sweep, which failed when installed on a normal traffic commercial door. Here is how to choose the right weatherstripping for your door.

1. What Kind Of Door

What type of door will the weatherstripping be used on. Is it a residential home door, or is it a commercial door such as a storefront glass door, hollow metal steel door, or solid core interior wood door.

2. Is The Door Fire Rated

If the commercial door is fire rated, only fire rated weatherstripping products should be used on it, in order to maintain fire code.

3. Product Manufacturer

As explained earlier all door weatherstripping are not of the same quality. Be sure to consider the brand and origin of the product. At Door Closers USA we are a commercial door manufacturer as well as weatherstripping manufacturer. The door weatherstripping we sell is the same type of weatherstripping we include on all of our commercial doors. So we know that our weatherstripping products are of the highest quality, otherwise we would not offer them on all of our commercial door packages that we manufacture. As a general rule of thumb, weatherstripping products sold by big box retail stores that do not specialize in commercial doors, often result in lower quality products.

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