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Kawneer Husky Remanufactured Concealed Overhead Closer For Storefront Door

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Kawneer Husky Remanufactured Concealed Overhead Closer For Storefront Door

Door Closers USA
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Kawneer Husky Remanufactured Concealed Overhead Closer For Storefront Door

The Kawneer remanufactured overhead concealed door closer by Door Closers USA is a heavy duty door closer designed for concealment in Kawneer storefront doors. This door closer is often referred to as the "shotgun" door closer due to it's unique shape and design in comparison to competitor concealed closers. This concealed type door closer features a two-speed closing control to prevent the door from slamming against the stop on single-acting applications. It also prevents over-swing on double-acting applications. It is designed to be installed in the top transom or door frame head of a Kawneer storefront entrance door.

Kawneer Overhead Concealed Door Closer Features

  • OEM Kawneer
  • Two Valves For Latching and Closing Speed Adjustment
  • Robust and Heavy Duty Design
  • High quality remanufactured

Kawneer Overhead Concealed Door Closer Installation Types

  • Center Hung Door Application: Double or Single Acting (applied door stop renders unit Single Acting). Adjustable End Load type arm is available for center pivoted door applications
  • Offset Hung Door Application Single Acting Offset Slide arm is available for butt hung or offset pivoted applications

Kawneer Overhead Concealed Door CloserTop Arm Option

  • End Load Arm: For Center Hung Door Application
  • Offset Slide Block Arm: For Offset Pivoted Door Application

Kawneer Overhead Concealed Door CloserBottom Pivot Set Option

  • Kawneer Style Pivot Set: Adjustable Heavy Duty Bottom Pivot Set

Kawneer Overhead Concealed Door CloserHold Open Function Option

This option allows you to add the hold open function to the door closer when it is in the full open position.
  • No Hold Open: Door closer will not hold open when pushed to the full open position
  • Hold Open: Door closer will hold open when pushed slightly past the full open position. When door is pulled back closed slightly, the door will release and close.

Kawneer Overhead Concealed Door CloserBackstop Function Option

This option allows you to select how far open you want the door closer to full open. We install a backstop inside of the door closer, so it will only open to the max open position you choose.
  • 105 Degree Backstop
  • 90 Degree Backstop

      Kawneer Overhead Concealed Door CloserClosing Speed Adjustment Tip

      • Through the first 80 degrees of the closing cycle, the door should be kept at a moderate speed to prevent "heel bumping" as someone enters through an outswing door.

      Storefront Door Compatibility

      • Used on Kawneer storefront doors

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